Giving My Skin A Makeup Break

Lockdown may have killed my social life, but it’s done bits for my skin! It's been an absolute rarity the last 6 weeks to wear makeup, which although I don't wear a lot of makeup, I definitely still have post acne skin insecurities, and concealer and bronzer is top of my list each day. So cutting this out of my day has been a really nice break for me. Early morning, day ? of lockdown and I’ve already indulged in my entire skincare routine ready for the day ahead! I've had periods of life, especially when travelling, where I ditched the makeup, but I also was not in the position to indulge in skincare. I feel like this break has given me the time to really think about my skincare, and what products actually work! Heres a few things I've noticed over the past 6 weeks or a no makeup , skincare obsessed life.

Im More Aware Of My Skins Behaviour

Sometimes It's hard to know why you are breaking out, or why your skin looks dull - is it because of makeup, or a product you've been using; something in my diet or hormones. Because Ive been bare faced 24/7 for over a month, I've been able to pick up on my skins natural habits. My skin is glow around ovulation however I tend to get a couple of blemishes. I tend to breakout and get super oily before my period. This I knew, but what I've found is that this is much better with out makeup, and just focusing on skincare. After my period my skin is dry and the best is it all month. I think because Im quite oily, when I have drier skin and can lather in skincare I look fresher! Being conscious of these behaviours means I get put my skincare knowledge to use, and switch up my routine around certain times of the month.

Heres a few products I recommend for a hormonal breakout:

Less Breakouts

After taking Roaccutane, I rarely get breakouts unless they are hormonal. However I’ve noticed that when I have got any spots they have been short-lived, and much easier to get rid of than usually. I think this is an obvious theory really, but when you where makeup and have spots, not only do you have to balance the right skincare routine, but you also have to be very good at taking your makeup off and ensuring you have clean skin. I wouldn't agree black and white that makeup causes spots or clogs pores, but I do think how you remove your makeup is EXTRA important and can make a huge difference. Cutting out makeup full stop removes this make or break steps, so no wonder - less breakouts.

See here for my favourite makeup removing products :

Its Easier To Know What Products Work For You

This one might be stating the obvious, but when you have no other factors playing a part to your skins health, you can really see in the morning whether or not your evening routine has made a difference. A couple of nights I have gone to bed without doing my routine ( laziness ) and Ive noticed my skin doesn't look or feel as glowy and fresh in the morning! Its really important to take time to consider how my skin is acting before you decide your evening routine and this will give you the best chance to chose the right products. Most of the time my skin feels quite dull and dehydrated ( but still oily ) here are the products I like to use :

A Good Skincare Routine Is Easier

Not only do you have more time at home in lockdown to focus on a skincare routine, but when you takeaway the makeup element its just a lot easier and quicker all together. This means you can really indulge in it if you want to! I make sure I do each step of my routine for at least 60 seconds, and I have also been putting more attention on my favourite tools! A helping hand to cleanse, and ice cold massage, and a pocket size razor to skim off that top layer of dead skin cells and any unwanted face fluff and a light machine for those dark spots :

I've Accepted My Skin More

When you cut out something from your routine, its like anything - you start to get used to life without it. Okay, we're probably going to all go back to wearing makeup, however haven't you started to accept what you look like without it more? Sometimes we can be way too much pressure on ourselves to wear makeup everyday. So, for the days when we return to normal, but just want to wear less...

Here's my favourite minimal makeup products :

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