GIRL TALK - Choosing The Best Undies For Your Health

When choosing underwear,  the decision usually comes down to two things:

1. How they look

2. How they feel

Sometimes, we chose style over comfort, and sometimes we chose comfort over style. But do we ever consider the health of our lady parts when it comes to investing in new undies?!While not solely the cause of infections or discomfort, the underwear we chose can certainly be a contributor to the problems we sometimes get 'down there'.Certain materials are worse for trapping in heat and moisture, which can affect the overall balance of good and bad bacteria. Our lady gardens are sensitive areas and it's about time we started treating them properly! Here are some things every woman should consider when choosing out new undies:

1. Are They Breathable?

"The vagina is a self-cleaning organ, but in order for it to maintain its balance, it needs to breathe".

Take a look at the tag on your undies (if you are wearing them) and check what they are made of. Usually we just go for cotton panties, because they are cheap, comfortable and that's what we've always worn. However if you want to take some steps towards a more sustainable and non harming existence, why not try Bamboo?Not only is bamboo fabric super comfy, it also has a natural moisture repelling characteristic, forcing moisture to evaporate into the air quickly. So when you sweat, the moisture won't be absorbed into the fabric as readily as cotton. one of my favourite things about Bamboo is that it's thermo-regulating. This means it will keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer! Not only that,  but the natural properties of bamboo also make it anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and hypoallergenic and also is much easier to grow and harvest and uses MUCH less water than other crops such as cotton. Amazing right? 

2. Are They Natural?

We all know why choosing natural fabrics is beneficial to us and the environment, but how about the dyes?During a natural dyeing process, no plants or animals are killed, no harmful chemicals are used and all runoff is completely organic. What's amazing is that natural dyes don't only benefit the earth but also our skin! It's proven that some chemical compounds found in conventional dyes can be harmful to humans, and long enough expose to some chemicals such as mercury, lead, sodium chloride and toluene ( to name a few) can have toxic effects on the human body.So imagine the damage we are doing when our sensitive areas are being covered in these toxins all day every day! Not only is natural dyes better for our feminine health, but they also create minimal environmental impact. Because natural dyes are made generally from organic materials such as leaves or fruits, the plants don't need to be killed when harvested. All runoff from the dye is completely organic and can be naturally, filtered by various aquatic plants, so the process imposes no harm to the environment. You can read all about sustainable practices here

3. Are They Comfortable?

Who wants friction? Well, certainly not us! As you probably know, our vaginal area is the most sensitive area on our body. This is mainly down to the fact that the skin around there so thin. Because of this sensitivity, our downstairs becomes very prone to friction, which can lead to irritation not only on the skin but also on the hair follicles (leading to ingrown hairs). Its super important that we chose undies which fit right and aren't too tight or restricting. If our underwear is too tight, it can also contribute to heat getting trapped. When heat and moisture become stagnant in this area, it makes your environment the perfect setting for a bacterial and yeast infections.

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Via Indigo Luna

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