The Fashion Designer Who Is 'Niminy-Piminy' & Loves Welada Skin Food

This month I had the pleasure of chatting with Georgina Kendall, founder of 'Nimiiny' to find out all about the brand, what inspires her and what makes her feel good.

Nimiiny's pieces feel SO luxurious, and cool.It's like you're dressed in a slice of earths finest. The beautiful textures, shapes and colours are a real trademark of the brand. As well as embracing the art of luxury handmade with all pieces individually cut, sewn and hand painted, each paint design is finite in numbers, making a truly limited edition label. Nimiiny gets a real thumbs up from me, and for that reason I'm so happy to share this brand with you, as I'm sure you'll love it too!

So first things first, 'Nimiiny' is a really interesting word...What does Nimiiny mean?

I got the idea of the brand name from the late 18th century saying - “niminy-piminy”. It means affectedly prim or refined, the dictionaries example is “she had a niminy-piminy ladylike air”. This is what I loved, the feeling of a woman’s air (aura), the secret powers she holds inside her. I then wanted to make it more modern by choosing Nimiiny and adding the extra i. 

How was Nimiiny born?

I had a came up with an idea for a customisable fashion label with a made to order concept while at university. I even had the brand name Nimiiny back then over about 8 years ago. I’ve carried the name with me all this time and knew I wanted it to be something real one day. 

I didn’t study fashion design, but fashion promotion. After this project I decided to buy a a sewing machine and started learning and making tops for myself and friends. 

I really love all the shapes and textures that flow through your collections...What inspires you the most ?

A fusion of stories, feelings, art and nature. And knowing that you have to make the most of this precious life - that is fuel. 

On your page you say that Nimiiny fuses fashion and art with a woman's unseen spirit. With the mission to empower the wearer to feel like a work of art.I love the idea that you want women to feel like a work of art and feel empowered! What makes you feel empowered?

Learning to love and trust yourself to become who you dream of. Knowing that you are in driving seat of your life. Believing that all the little steps will beautifully add up. Every year you learn more and more about yourself and that gives me internal power. I created spirited garments that are made with love.

What keeps you grounded when you are super busy creating?

Being outside in nature mostly, taking fresh air breaks. I never not work on Nimiiny without a candle on and my essential oil mist. It’s become almost a ritual. 

If you're having 'one of those days ' what's your go to pick me up tune?

Currently obsessed with the song ‘warm in these blue jeans’ by Rasharn Powell. Gets me in my groove.

Whats your process when creating a new 'piece'?

It normally starts with a tiny element, a colour, a fabric, a button. Then my imagine just runs with it. I am constantly saving pictures, taking screen shots that all tend to organically build up to something over weeks. I piece things together that I have loved and been inspired by like a map building a story about them. 

I love that your pieces are natural, what inspired you do create your brand this way?

My name means Earth Girl, and that’s always stuck into my character. You and I are earth. We should treat it will respect and use resources that are healthier. Nimiiny pieces are your second skin, why would you want to cloak your body breathing in man-Made polluting fabrics when instead you can breathe free in 100% natural. 

I love your simple and mindful approach to style and creation. How does this translate in your working day beauty routine?

During lock down my beauty habits changed, I use to think my skin needed loads of products to keep it healthy. But now find a splash of water and Weleda Skin food to be the duo. I try not to wear much makeup, if I do it will be a simple concealer, bronzer and always always a Bobbi brown pearl powder shimmer (I’m obsessed).  I do love Glossier future dew too. 

What trend are you loving at the moment?

Bodices and ruffles. We have a basque bodice puff sleeve dress dropping on the 23rd September alongside the new collection titled “The Show Goes On” - a mood of the times. It's inspired by keeping up a feel-good momentum with a sumptuous and smoky atmosphere. Of course it's all consciously made.

Check out Nimiiny here!

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