The Movement Junkie Who Burpeed Her Way To The Top Of Mount Everest

On 23rd August 2020 Evie completed 3871 BURPEES continuously for over 9 hours. Each jump hit a 7.5ft marker, which amounted to 29,029ft AKA The height of MOUNT EVEREST! Woweee! So what was this in aid of? I chatted to Evie to find out what gave her the motivation to complete such a challenge:

"My name is Evie and my brother Sam was diagnosed with Churg Strauss Syndrome in 2017 at the age of 25, Churg Strauss Syndrome (now renamed Eosinophilic Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis (EGPA)) is a rare auto immune disease, just 1-5 cases per 1 million people, causes inflammation of the blood vessels and is fatal if left untreated. There is currently no known cure or cause. The lungs and skin are commonly affected but it can affect other organs including the heart, kidneys, nerves and bowels.

After a tough spout of being in and out of hospital and intensive care, the hospital found abnormal cells in Sam's bowel and was then diagnosed with high grade B cell non Hodgkins Lymphoma and has undergone Chemotherapy.

Before treatment for EGPA/Churg Strauss Syndrome was available, it was universally fatal. Half of patients diagnosed with EGPA died within 3 months of diagnosis. With developments in treatment, this is improving and they think that 8 in every 10 people diagnosed are still alive 5 years later.

Through first hand experience, a major frustration is that the majority of experienced doctors Sam encounters have never even heard of this condition, and if he did not receive the correct treatment he probably wouldn't be with us today. Sam is just 29 years old and whilst fighting his condition, is also raising his two beautiful babies.

With this in mind I am on a mission to raise awareness for Churg Strauss Syndrome/EGPA, raise money to fund research and to support my brother along his journey. I'm not one to do things by halves and I knew I had to pick something disgustingly crazy to bring as much awareness to this cause as possible, which is why I chose burpees (everybody's least favourite exercise!) to equal the height of Mount Everest.

How did you train for this?

"Throughout my research of 24hr physical challenges, it seems that the majority are done by men - this has really driven me that extra bit further to fly the flag for the women out there! 

I'm currently at the end of a seriously intense 12-week training programme, a good friend of mine (@coachnickgarcia on IG) is a performance coach and has completely whipped me into shape for this. Training for performance is something completely new for me, I've always trained for my own enjoyment and always favour the exercises I like the best. As you can imagine, all of this has totally gone out the window now that I know that my training will be affecting how I perform on the big day!

The program has been a huge mix of strength, endurance (which I have NEVER done before), lots of jumps, core exercises, and of course a hell of a lot of burpees. The training has pushed me completely out of my comfort zone and since training for something other than myself, it's opened up this uncontrollable motivation, fulfillment, drive, determination and passion within me that I had never tapped into before. I am challenging my body like never before, pushing my mind to the limits and I've learnt so much along the way. "

What charity are you supporting and how can we help?

"The charity I am supporting is Vasculitis UK who have more information on Churg Strauss Syndrome here, I will be splitting the funds raised between Vascilitis UK and to support my brother and his family during this difficult time. You can donate via my Just Giving link We've already raised an incredible £3037 via my first JustGiving Page which unfortunately closed a little earlier than expected. To help us reach our target through September I've set up this new page to continue the fundraising"

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