Gili T Travel Guide

Gili T is the largest of the three Gili Islands, which include Gili Meno and Gili Air. The Gili Islands are technically part of Lombok, however are only a couple of hours via boat from Bali. Gili T is known as a bit of a party spot, but actually its not all about partying all night and ‘shroom’ shakes; theres a beautiful and serene side to Gili T too!! All in all, Gili T was my fav of all three islands for exactly that… BALANCE!! Anyone looking for lovely sunny days filled with nothing but sunkissed hours, bare feet, salty sun kissed hair and beautiful sunsets ( and if you like, an all night party scene) then Gili T is the island for you!

How to get there

There are two options to get to here. The first is to book a Ferry to Gili Trawangan from Sanur or Serangan if you are coming from Bali, and the second is to book a fast boat. Transfers are easy to find on google, and most include pick up from your hotel if you are within the semiyak/ubud zone. vA return ticket costs around £40. It includes arranging your pick-up and drop-off at your hotel in Bali Personally, my preferred option would be to take the ferry as the fast boat can be quite hit and miss in terms of a comfortable ride. Sanur is a more relaxed departure harbour but the process can still be chaotic so keep an eye on your bag and be ready for a bit of pushing!

Getting around

There are no cars and motorbikes on the island, so your best option to get around is by foot or on bike. Gili T is the easiest of the three islands to ride a bicycle on, and its only once in you blue moon you have to get off to push your bike through the sand! Cycling around the island’s coastline takes about 90 mins in totals, and there are lots of points where you can nip back into the centre!

You can rent them anywhere on the island and If possible, try to avoid taking horse and cart as most horses you can't always ensure that these horses are treated well.

To stay

You can’t really go wrong on Gili T to be honest. theres something for everyone. If you want somewhere cheap and cheerful or luxury, the island has it! Check out hostel world for cheaper options. Hostel world is not only great for solo travellers wanting a dorm, but also a good place to look for private rooms at a cheaper price! Dorm rooms on Gili T start from about £5 and you can get private rooms for around £10. Air BnB is my absolute fav in Bali. The homes you can find on there are just incredible!! Check out Sebelas Villa , Paradise Bungalow or Rumah Cahaya to name only a few beautiful spots.

Other Spots

  • Casa Vintage - owned by a Jamaican guy on the sunset side of Gili T. This is by far THE fav spot to get some munch and watch the sunset over mount agung in Bali. Fresh coconuts and lots of yummy veggie plates with a Carribean twist! Check out next door for the best Mojito on the island too!

  • Pituq Cafe - Right in the midst of the island. Off the beaten track but my god is it worth the detour. The best vegan food full stop ( and the cutest huts!)

  • Kayu Cafe - Best coffee and break spot! Right on the beach and has great wifi and air con!!

  • Pearl Beach Lounge - Gorg view, and great if you’re in a large group and want to spend the entire day at one spot.  Jail Kitchen -The food is really tasty and the setting is beautiful and cosy! Lots of traditional options!

  • Rent bicycles and go cruise the island!

  • Grab a beach bed, hammock or little piece of sand ( theres lots of it) and have a beach day!

  • Snorkle with the turtles at Turtle beach and visit the turtle sanctuary near by ( they’re so cute!!!)

  • Surfing on the east side of the island is good but watch out for the spots of coral.

  • Watch the sunset on sunset side of the island!

  • Go on a snorkelling trip which visits Gili Meno and Gili Air.

  • Climb to the top! Theres three route that take you up the only hill on the Gili Islands for the most incredible view!

  • Ride horses along the beach and swim with then In the ocean

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