FOR MUAS - My Favourite Highlighters Right Now

I've rounded up our favourite highlighters in the Makeup game – from drugstore to high-end, suitable for a range of skin tones, hope you love like I do!

The Backstage Buy

Dior Backstage - Glow Face Palette

I just love the look of this palette, its so gorgeous and makes me excited for Fashion week ! Inspired by the backstage energy at the runway shows, the Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette includes a collection of artist essentials in a single palette. All the colour have that second-skin finish which don't leave you feeling like you have molten metal on your cheeks which is great, and they give you a glow that isn't too shimmery or fake. I always value a palette that is multi skin tone, and this absolutely does the job!!


The ‘Pricey but worth it’ Highlighter

ARMARNI - Fluid Sheer

Now at top of my leaderboard for one of my favourite highlighters, the Armarni Fluid Sheer may be a bit over budget, but if you're a highlighter kinda gal, and in the mood for a splurge then this one could be for you! Part of the iconic "Armani Glow," this weightless, organza-inspired formula comes in an extensive range of colors to match each woman's unique tone. Can be worn as a makeup base or blended with foundation. For me, I feel it changes the look of my complexion. I add a drop to tinted moisturizer or liquid foundation and it gives my skin a subtle glow or I press it on top off my foundation for that real pinpoint ( and not too shimmlery ) glow. A little goes a long way, so although this is coming in at £40 it lasts almost forever.


The Nautural Highlighter

Lancome - Custom Drops Highlighter

So you want a highlighter that looks like a highlighter , but not too highlighter-y highlight? Extremely versatile, this illuminator can be used as a highlighter to add luminosity to the cheekbones, forehead, chin and nose, or applied to the entire face to enhance the complexion. It can also be worn under, over or mixed with foundation or moisturiser to help create a natural, radiant glow.


The No Excuses Highlighter

Wet n Wild - Megaglo

The first time I bought this highlighter it was one of those 'throw it in to get free delivery' purchases. At the time it was on sale for....£1.30. I mean, seriously. Its £4.95 which is so great, and honestly for my its a top shelf product. I use it in my kit all the time and I don't mind enjoying it because I'm not scared of having to repurchase. As I said, no excuses!!


The Holiday Fav

Too Faced - Sweet Peach Glow Palette

I love this palette.Its designed to be a highlight blush and bronze on a medium skin tone, however think this is a great one for all skin tones. I think it's just amazing if you want to look glowing and healthy rather than have a beaming highlight which looks like molten metal on the skin (to each their own) and the facts there's three colours means you can mix and match as much as you please. The only downfall is that they are not equal sizes, but overall the compact is a lovely size and perfect for a holiday all rounder.


The All Year Round

Yves Saint Laurent - Touche Éclat Shimmer Stick

This shimmer stick is so subtle it’s great! For that real 'from within' glow, I love this product. It has a slight shimmer, but the creaminess of the product means you can really push it in, and it sticks all day. Normally metallic shimmer is not my thing as I worry that it shows fine lines and looks too fake, but this product once blended it’s softened and merges with the skin to give a much more seamless highlight. The sparkle is there in bright light, but not too much for a day look. This is perfect for all season skin, hot cold dry problem...And it comes in a very convenient beautiful packaging for travelling!


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