FOR MUAS - Makeup Artist Hygiene Tips

Especially since Covid-19, now more than ever is the perfect time to reevaluate the most hygienic ways to work with our makeup kits . Hygiene of course has always been top of most MUAS priority, however Covid-19 has showen us all the extremity of why keeping top notch hygiene practices is so important when we return to work Here are some of my most valuable tips to help you make a checklist and take the correct precautions when returning to work.

1. Washing your hands

This is the most important thing. Whenever you arrive at a job the first thign you should do is wash your hands before touching any of your kit, and you should then wash your hands again immediately prior to touching anyones face. I always wash them thoroughly with soap and then follow with hand sanitiser too. I also suggest making sure your client is aware and has seen you do these steps, as it really gives peace of mind that you are conscious of hygiene standards.

2. Wash your brushes with fairy liquid and Alcohol after every job.

Washing your brushes thoroughly with soap and water is essential after every single job. Never really whole of brush cleanser or alcohol. My favorourite sop to use is fairy liquid as this really strips oil, so is good for cleaning out sticky products like foundation and concealer. If your feeling boujee there is no harm in following with a little hair conditioner. When theyve dried I like to give them a rub down with 70% alcohol and Brush cleanser sometimes too. My favourite is MAC cosmetics brush cleaner. The Alcohol is fantastic for on cleansing when on the go on set too, however I you should always use separate brushes entirely when working on different people. When working with more than one model or multiple people at a bridal party it’s important to separate brushes. You should never use the same brushes on more than one person. I use separate brush pots for each person and it makes my life so much easier on the job too.

3. Always wipe down your kit.

This step is very important to not only to make sure your kit is clean, but also to show your client that you are clean, and to reassure them of your standards. Your kit is a reflection of yourself.

4. Avoid cross contamination

Wherever possible I like to decant product before use. For example you can scrape a little bit of the product onto an metal palettel with a mean spatula and use only from the palette. Alternatively, 70% Isopropyl Alcohol is really important to have handy in your kit, if you’ve got lipsticks you don’t want to ruin or any product that you may be using regularly, you can spray the alcohol on the product and give it a wipe down before using. Sometimes with trials or lessons I like my products such as lipsticks to have the ergonomic feel they were designed to have.

5. Always cover or clean your work surface

Imagine your work surface is dirty and you place your clean brush down on it between using it on your clients face...thats why It's really important not to forget this step. I like to have a clean towel in my kit, which is nicest to look at but a disposable couch roll is always handy too, also this is another reason to keep pots n your kit for your brushes.

6. Think about Mascara and Gloss 

The most important thing to remember is to never double dip. Always use a disposable wand  for mascara and dip once for one eye, dispose of it and use another fresh one for the other eye. Sometimes when it comes to brides, I will often buy a bunch of waterproof drugstore mascaras, open a fresh one and give them the mascara at the end of the job, especially if I really want the effect that that specific mascara wand gives over the disposable wand. Or if it is a regular client I will label the mascara and only use it for them.

7. Never use something which has dropped on the floor

If a tool drops on the floor put it to one side and clean it thoroughly when you get home with or if you have a sink and soap available on the job. If its a brush this is very important, however it its a metal tool for example, and its absolutely needed then spray it down with 70% alcohol and give it a good wipe.

8. Santitise and sharper pencils

Between clients make sure you spray your pencils with alcohol and then sharpen. This shaves off the layer used previously and ensure it is sanitary. Don't forgot to also sanitise the pencil sharpener after this process too.

9. Wipe down your tools

Thoroughly wipe down your eyelash curlers/tweezers/eyelash application tools in between each use with 70% alcohol.

10. Carry Soap , Spray and wipes

To ensure everything is clean at all times, including your hands, then having a pack of wipes handy is a great idea! I also carry fairy and hand soap in a small bottle and a spray bottle of water so if needed I can clean my hands and brushes properly anytime any place.

I hope this checklist helps! All items are linked below for ease!

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