Why Covid-19 Is Causing Adult Acne

Correlation doesn't prove causation, but there's no doubt about it that the current pandemic is causing an influx of the pesky every day spot! I'm getting constantly asked why these little pests are appearing all around our jawlines and cheeks, and here's your answer...

Covid-19, whether you realise or not, has caused us all a bundle of stress and anxiety. These two things are actually one of the biggest causes of bad skin and random breakouts. This is how it works...So, the root of stress acne lies in a molecule called cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone that’s pumped out when the body goes into fight mode. Its release is triggered to fight illness, control blood sugar levels and regulate your metabolism. In general, Cortisol is an anti-inflammatory; however when you're stress your body over produces Cortisol to attempt to keep you alert for longer. Therefore when that stress is prolonged, this hormone begins to act like an inflammatory, which is the root cause of acne, eczema, and psoriasis. This process also breaks down colleges, which is what keeps your skin looking plump. Hence why prolonged stress can make you look drained.

Continued anxiety or stress can totally tansform your skin. I often notice that prolonged stress can make my very oily skin, all the sudden become super dry and sensitive. This is due to water loss from your skin epidermal layer, which happens because Cortisol also weakens your skin’s natural barrier. When this happens, you'll find that your skin is more likely to react to something that normally wouldn’t cause a problem like certain skincare of even weather. Once Cortisol levels are up, they're also tricky to get down. The best way is the release Cortisol is have a good exercise session, or even a good cry!

Now, imagine all of that going n at the same time you are spending prolonged periods of your day wearing a mask! Think of all that trapped heat causing disruption to a layer of skin which is already weakened. No wonder we are noticing a change in our skin, especially around the area our new frienemey sits each time we put it on. Knowing that my skin is feeling as vulnerable as I am right now, I’ve been taking it easy with my skincare and the amount of makeup I've been wearing. Using only products with natural moisturising factors, that are soothing and hydrating ( compared to my sometime harsher products) I'm finding my skin feels calmer. I’ve also been chasing opportunities to indulge in a pamper and chill as often as I can, and release my stress with a workout and a good tear jerking film!

Here's some of my favourite products at the moment, I've been enjoying during my pamper sessions:

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